The Expendables

It was late summer 2016 and for some  time I had been perfecting my extendable dumbbell system. This rig allows you to fish from 6 inch to three feet deep by just pulling the rig out. I had a plan to fish this in conjunction with the squid rig with very large baits such as squid up to 17 inches long. The rig, once made up, was 5 feet long and boating  out was necessary. I was fishing with two fellow teammates from Catfish-Pro at the time. The first two rods went out both bottom baits – then the extendable. Keith had to give me a hand with this the first time . The bait was towed out 50 yards and the rod was replaced on the rest. Half way back in with the boat and Keith said your extendable has just gone under with that the bite alarm started going line peeling off. Had a lovely fight and bagged a lovely 50 +. Over the next 5 hrs into darkness two more over 40lb and then at 10.30 pm it went again this was a different fight slower but more powerful 15 minutes later and the tale slapped out and we new it was a good cat tipping the scales at 85lb. By now I needed a rest and the squid rig needed replacing .

 It took me about 30 minutes to get sorted and get the rig back out. By now everyone one was asleep. It went very quiet for about 2 hours and I had nodded off. I awoke at 1.30 am to my alarms going one tone. I jumped up and reeled into the cat as I was on circle hooks there was no stopping this cat and it just kept going. I was thinking to my self what can I do ? Stop! please stop! By this time I was feeling all sorts of snags hitting the line as the cat got up the side of the island and at any second I thought it would part my line. Then it just stopped and I thought now’s my chance. As I started to turn the cat and retrieve line pump after pump got more line back and the cat was on the surface as she got closer to me I got the net ready I was that tired I was only getting one chance at this as she got over the net I let her have slack line and in doing so she tried to make her escape but as she turned it cut her length down and I lifted the net.

Exhausted I had to sit down for 5 minutes then I gave Keith and Barry a call to help me lift her into the sling. She went 94lb. Probably one of the biggest braces of cats on a dumbbell in the UK at the time.


Graham bell