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As a catfish angler I had not been able to find a decent large tackle bag to accommodate catfishing tackle such as large polyballs, dumbell rigs, tipper rigs and other tackle items. So, the Catfish-pro team have designed a new tackle bag for catfish anglers. The tackle bag contains two free rigid tubes large enough to take dumbell rigs up to 62cm long, tipper rigs or other stiff rig tackle items. There are two zipped pouches in the lid and four sections in the base with removable dividers for other tackle items.

The Catfish Tipper Rig Kit + Tackle Bag – Dimensions 60 x 25 x 8cm

The new Catfish-Pro tackle bag ready set up for fishing the tipper rig – all of the components recommended to fish this rig .

Item 1: 2 x Tipper Rigs,
Item 2: 1 x Pack Spare Tipper Rubber Beads,
Item 3: 1 x Spool of 60lb Fluorocarbon Hooklink,
Item 4: 1 x Pack of White Rig Rattles,
Item 5: 1 x Pack of 100lb Swivels,
Item 6: 1 x Pack of UK Bait Shields,
Item 7: 1 x Pack of Super Slider Run Rings,
Item 8: 1 x Pack of XXL Line Stops,
Item 9: 1 x Pack of Barbless Eagle Wave Size 2 Hooks.

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