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Tramadol Cheapest - Online Doctor Prescription Tramadol


This rig has taken apart many well fished catfish waters during 2016. It is primarily designed for using with leeches on the hook but can also be used for using with small livebaits and worms. This sub surface buoyant rig is similar to the dumbell in that it is
fished on a running leger and pops up to the surface. However, this rig features a length of semi-rigid tubing at one end that provides a softer level of resistance allowing the bait to work more effectively by swimming against the resistance. The rig is fished at a 45 degree angle to minimise tangling. Supplied with an information sheet on how to set up and use.

Category: Tramadol Order Cod

Tramadol Cheapest - Online Doctor Prescription Tramadol


Leech & Worm, Large, Extra Large