UK Catfish Fisheries

Catfish Pro Sponsored Fisheries

Catfish-Pro works with many top catfish fisheries across the UK and we have established sponsorship arrangements with some fisheries to help promote the safe handling and responsible fishing for catfish.

Furnace Lakes

Furnace Lakes near Guildford is one of the top UK catfish fisheries, with four lakes containing good stocks of catfish it is an ideal venue to catch your first catfish as well as targeting the big specimens also in the lakes. Well worth a visit give the fishery a call for more information, prices and latest news. Catfish-Pro tackle is available on site at the Fishery Shop.

Crow Green Fishery

Crow Green near Brentwood offers a great chance to catch a really big catfish, it probably has more 100ln plus cats in it than any other UK lake and has a lot of 60-90lb fish to target. If you are considering fishing here make sure your tackle is adequate as with this size fish and gravel bars in the lake you need to use string enough gear to avoid losing fish. Contact the Fishery for latest news and fishing availability and prices

Other UK Catfish Venues

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Advice on local fisheries

If you want advice or more information on any specific fishery contact us and we will help where we can.