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Extendable Dumbell Rig
Another Catfish-Pro innovation is a dumbell rig that can be extended to make it 90cm long! This can enable you to fish your bait further away from the main line and also to fish deeper without the risk of the rig tangling.
Made from carbon, the dumbell is superior to dumbell rigs with plastic tubing as it is stronger and more rigid.
Available Now

Expert Dumbell Rig
50cm long made with carbon tubing for rigidity and strength this dumbell rig is more robust than those made with plastic tubing and longer than the standard Catfish-Pro Dumbell rig.
Available Now

Persuader 4.5lb Rod – uprated rod rings
Probably the UK’s top selling catfish rod, new stock of the 4.5lb 12ft Full duplon handle Persuader Catfish Rod arrives 16th June. This is the same Persuader but now has Fuji rod rings.