The Expendables

It was late summer 2016 and for some  time I had been perfecting my extendable dumbbell system. This rig allows you to fish from 6 inch to three feet deep by just pulling the rig out. I had a plan to fish this in conjunction with the squid rig with very large baits such as squid up to 17 inches long. The rig, once made up, was 5 feet long and boating  out was necessary. Continue reading The Expendables

2015 Chronicles Of The Leech Rig

It all sorted early 2015 at the CCG fish in at Chigborough I’ve used leeches for five years but not on a leech rig and a lot off CCG members were on them so I decided to have a go.

I studied pictures of previous rigs and decided to source the materials that took me five week and i started to assemble the rig the hardest part to obtain was the top section because I wanted to shape it like a rod under tension to help anti tangling during casting I Continue reading 2015 Chronicles Of The Leech Rig