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The Expendables

It was late summer 2016 and for some  time I had been perfecting my extendable dumbbell system. This rig allows you to fish from 6 inch to three feet deep by just pulling the rig out. I had a plan to fish this in conjunction with the squid rig with very large baits such as squid up to 17 inches long. The rig, once made up, was 5 feet long and boating  out was necessary. Continue reading The Expendables

Catfish-Pro Roadshow on Saturday 20th May 2017

Come and meet the team at Forty Acre Plantation Lakes in Essex and see the latest methods, rigs and fish care.

For travel directions to the fishery and more information see the URL:

We have two lakes which are set in peaceful surroundings of 132 acres of woodland. The main lake is 4 acres, whilst enjoying the surrounding countryside anglers can also expect a good day’s fishing.

Our well stocked main Lake has an excellent range of selected species including Common Carp, Specimens up to 36Lbs. Mirror Carp, Specimens up to 32Lbs Barbel 5Lbs and Catfish up to 88lbs.

The Small whilst enjoying the same setting as the main lake is equally well stoked to ensure a good day’s sport with Crucian Carp, Mirror Carp, Common Carp and plenty of Silver Fish to ensure an enjoyable day

We also provide good facilities including excellent access and parking, access to our well cleared and kept bank side swims is maintained with the Angler in mind and for the convenience of all visitors to Forty Acre Plantation Lakes there is onsite flushing Ladies and Gents toilets.
24 hour CCTV is in operation to make our fishery as secure as possible, please help us to help you by keeping your tackle nearby and secure.
Food and beverageis available from local takeaway’s who will deliver to the fishery (information available from Barry the Bailiff.) On Sundays there is Simply the best snack bar open selling hot & cold food.
For emergency Tackle requirements Barry will direct you to a nearby shop.

New Products June 2016

Extendable Dumbell Rig
Another Catfish-Pro innovation is a dumbell rig that can be extended to make it 90cm long! This can enable you to fish your bait further away from the main line and also to fish deeper without the risk of the rig tangling.
Made from carbon, the dumbell is superior to dumbell rigs with plastic tubing as it is stronger and more rigid.
Available Now

Expert Dumbell Rig
50cm long made with carbon tubing for rigidity and strength this dumbell rig is more robust than those made with plastic tubing and longer than the standard Catfish-Pro Dumbell rig.
Available Now

Persuader 4.5lb Rod – uprated rod rings
Probably the UK’s top selling catfish rod, new stock of the 4.5lb 12ft Full duplon handle Persuader Catfish Rod arrives 16th June. This is the same Persuader but now has Fuji rod rings.

2015 Chronicles Of The Leech Rig

It all sorted early 2015 at the CCG fish in at Chigborough I’ve used leeches for five years but not on a leech rig and a lot off CCG members were on them so I decided to have a go.

I studied pictures of previous rigs and decided to source the materials that took me five week and i started to assemble the rig the hardest part to obtain was the top section because I wanted to shape it like a rod under tension to help anti tangling during casting I Continue reading 2015 Chronicles Of The Leech Rig