Dumbell Rig


I have personally caught more catfish on this rig than any other. The way in which it presents a sub surface bait attracts catfish and allows the bait to work well. Primarily designed as a livebait rig this rig is also effective when using worms or squid as a bait. Fished on running leger these rigs are buoyant enough to rise to the surface. It is  recommended to use the Catfish-Pro Super slider run rings with these rigs to maximize free running nature of the rig. This rig is fished “semi fixed” in that the hooklink swivel should be pulled into the soft silicon on the end of the dumbell. Hooklinks should be shorter that the dumbell itself to minimize risk of tangling. All dumbell rigs are supplied with sheet showing how to set up and fish the rig.
Varieties available
Dumbell Rig Large: 30cm Dumbell with
1.25in pro poppers – for smaller fish or
Dumbell Rig Extra Large: 30cm Dumbell
with 6.5cm egg poppers – more buoyant
for larger baits.
Dumbell Rig Kit
Components to make up four dumbell
rigs yourself to save cost.

Additional information


Leech & Worm, Large, Extra Large